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2010: Toronto, Ontario

“Reflecting, Revising, Responding”

Toronto, Ontario
November 18-20, 2010


EDAC-ATAC’s second biennial conference, “Reflecting, Revising, Responding”, took place November 18-19, 2010 and was a great success!  Nearly 300 members of our organization gathered to share ideas, tips, strategies, and more, at the Park Hyatt hotel in Toronto.   Attendees had the opportunity to participate in diverse workshops that covered a wide range of topics from medication to genes to yoga.  Members shared their work in paper presentations that discussed family therapy, interprofessionalism, outcomes and more.  Posters were also beautifully showcased throughout the two day meeting.

Appearances by notable speakers were also highlights of the conference.  Opening remarks by Dr. David Goldbloom of the Canadian Mental Health Commission were an encouraging start to our organization’s second meeting.  The first keynote presentation by Dr. Tomas Paus was an eye-opener, while Monica Parker’s afternoon keynote address on her struggles as an actress in Hollywood garnered a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience.  The debate-style forum on the health risks of obesity was thought-provoking and collegial, presented by Dr. Glenn Gaesser and Dr. Jennifer L. Kuk, and moderated by Dr. Arya Sharma.   The conference closed with a brief awards ceremony and EDAC-ATAC’s Annual General Meeting.

Check out some highlights from the conference in the slideshow below!